Petroleum Casing Cross-Coupling Cable Protector

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● All Cable Protectors have double protection to resist corrosion.

● All hinges are spot-welded and has passed special process evaluation to ensure products strength.

● Spring friction pad gripping system for superior grip. Slip and high rotation resistant.

● Non-destructive gripping action. The chamfered design at both ends ensures reliable cable clamping.

● Tapered belt bump design facilitates effective entry and prevents slipping out.

● Material batches and products have quality control marks that are unique, The material quality are reliable.

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Introducing the Cross-Coupling Cable Protector, the ultimate solution for protecting underground cables and wires from wear and mechanical damage during drilling and production operations. This specially designed device is made from high-quality metal materials that are resistant to corrosion, high temperatures, pressure, and other harsh working conditions that exist down hole.

The Cross-Coupling Cable Protector is designed to meet the needs of the petroleum industry, providing enhanced protection for cables and wires that are buried underground. With its innovative design and durable construction, it is an essential tool for companies looking to protect their investment and ensure the smooth operation of their drilling and production machinery.

One of the key benefits of the Cross-Coupling Cable Protector is that it can withstand the tremendous pressures that exist deep beneath the earth's surface. Its corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance make it the perfect tool for protecting cables and wires in down hole environments, ensuring that they remain functional and free from damage.

The Cross-Coupling Cable Protector is easy to install, and it can be customized to meet the unique needs of each drilling or production operation. Whether you need to protect a single cable or an entire network of wires, this device is the ideal solution.

The Cross-Coupling Cable Protector is a critical tool for the petroleum industry, enabling companies to protect their equipment, their investments, and their employees. With its high-quality materials, innovative design, and unparalleled protection capabilities, it is the perfect tool for those looking to protect their cables and wires during drilling and production operations.

In conclusion, the Cross-Coupling Cable Protector is an essential tool for anyone operating in the petroleum industry. Its robust design and superior materials make it the perfect device for protecting cables and wires from mechanical damage and wear, while its customize ability and ease of installation make it an ideal solution for any drilling or production operation.


1. Manufactured of low carbon steel or stainless steel, Customizable materials.

2. Suitable for API tubing sizes from 1.9” to 13-5/8”,Adapt to various specifications of couplings.

3. Configured for flat, round or square cables, chemical injection lines, umbilicals etc.

4. Protectors can be customized according to different usage environments.

5. The product length is generally 86mm.



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Provide raw material quality certificates and factory quality certificates.

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