Bow-Spring Casing Centralizer

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Bow- Spring Casing Centralizer is a tool used for oil drilling. It can ensure that the cement environment outside casing string has a certain thickness . reduce the resistance when running the casing, avoiding sticking the casing , improving the cementing the quality . and use the support of the bow to make the casing centered during the cementing process.

It’s formed by one-piece steel plate without salvage. Through cut it by Laser cutting machine, then rolled into shape by crimping. The Bow- Spring Casing Centralizer has low starting force, low running force, large resetting force, strong adaptability, and is not easy to break during the well entry process, with large flow area. The difference between Bow -Spring Casing centralizer and normal centralizer is mainly in structure and material.

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1. It’s formed by rolling and pressing one-piece steel plate without separable components. High machining accuracy , good reliability and convenient installation.

2. It has good elasticity and wear resistance, is suitable for various well types and diameters, and has a comprehensive range of specifications. We can also design according to customer requirements.

3. The special blade design makes the reset force of the product far higher than the requirements of API Spec 10D and ISO 10427 when it deviates from the clearance ratio by 67%, and the other indicators also exceed the requirements of API Spec 10D and ISO 10427 standards.

4. Strict heat treatment process, complete magnetic particle flaw detection of welds, ensuring product quality.

5. Adopt semi-automatic spraying line to improve efficiency and ensure construction period.

6. Various choices of spray colors to meet different requirements.


Casing size: 2-7/8〞~ 20〞


Bow- Spring Casing centralizer is widely used in casing running operation in vertical or highly deviated wells, and is an important measure to improve cementing quality.

The function of the Bow spring casing centralizer is to ensure that the casing is smoothly run into the hole, ensure that the casing is centered in the hole, and help to improve the cementing quality, thus achieving a good cementing effect.

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