Cable Protector Manual Installation Tools

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● Tool components

. Special pliers

Special pin handle


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Manual installation tool is a tool used to install and remove a cable protector. It is another solution for the installation and maintenance of cable protectors. This solution is usually used in those situations where pneumatic hydraulic tools cannot be used, such as when there is no power supply and in environments where supplies are scarce, it can still be a viable option in some cases.

Manual installation tools usually include special hand pliers, special pin removal tools, and hammers. Using these tools allows precise control over the installation process, ensuring safety and reliability. However, the downside of hand-installed tools is that they require more time and labor to complete than pneumatic hydraulic tools.

This specialized pliers is an installation tool consisting of a jaw, an adjustment block, an adjustment bolt, and a handle. The special shape of its jaws is designed to interact with the clamp holes of the cable protector. The special unloading tool is made of high-quality steel material and processed in one piece. The handle is firmly welded, beautiful and durable. Using this pliers, the cable protector can be easily installed on the pipeline. By using a dedicated pin unloading tool to work in conjunction with the tail hole of the cone pin, the force of hammering is used to slide the cone pin into the cone pin hole of the protector. This manual installation tool is not only relatively easy to operate, but also very practical, making it one of the ideal choices for installing cable protectors.

Tool Components

1)Special pliers

2)Special pin handle


Installation Procedure

1)Put the pliers into the collar’s hole.

2)Push the pliers handle to close and tighten the collars.

3)Insert the tapper pin,and hammer it into taper loops completely.

4)Remove the pliers from the collar’s hole.

Removal Procedure

1)Insert head of pin handle into the hole of taper pin, smashing the other head in order to exit the taper pin.

2)Removal procedure is simple and quick.

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