Hinged Set Screw Stop Collars

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Material: steel plate

● Hinge connection, convenient installation, and low transportation cost.

● Small installation torque and convenient installation.

● The maintenance force exceeds 2 times the standard recovery force of the centralizer.

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Hinged Set Screw Stop Collars are widely used in mechanical design.
Through reasonable design and selection, it can realize the fixing of the centralizer on the casing, prevent the casing centralizer from slipping caused by the casing down process, ensure the stability and safety of equipment operation, and improve the cementing quality. Due to the special structural design, it has many advantages in application.

First, our Hinged Set Screw Stop Collars are hinged and designed for easy installation. Unlike traditional snap rings that require a lot of effort and time to set, our hinge set screw snap rings install quickly and easily with minimal installation torque. This means you save installation time and money without sacrificing quality or reliability.

In addition to being easy to install, our Hinged Set Screw Stop Collars offer exceptional maintenance capabilities. As measured by the universal testing machine, the maintaining force of any hinged stop ring is more than twice the standard reset force.

But that's not all - our Hinged Set Screw Stop Collars are also incredibly versatile and cost effective. Thanks to its low shipping costs and space-saving design, you can ship more collars at once, reducing overall shipping costs and simplifying logistics.

Hinge Stop Collars are easy to install, maintain large , cost-effective. It is the perfect match with hinged centralizers. So, whether you want to save time, money, or simply improve the performance of your centralizer, Hinged Set Screw Stop Collars are the perfect choice.

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