Latch Type Welded Bow Drill Pipe Centralizers

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Drill pipe centralizer is an important tool used to prevent drill pipe bending and deflection in drilling operations. It supports and holds the drill pipe in place, keeping it straight and ensuring the exact position and orientation of the bit. The drill pipe centralizer has significant advantages to improving drilling efficiency, prolonging the service life of drill pipe and protecting the environment.

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Centralizer main body: The centralizer body consists of two left and right half shells connected by cylindrical pins.

Centralizer end band: located at both ends of the centralizer to provide support for the spring bar.

Centralizer spring bar: located in the circular direction of the centralizer body, it is welded to the end hoop to provide a certain elastic support to keep the drill pipe centered.

Working principle

Installation: Install the centralizer on the string above the wellhead and secure it by the top wire of the upper and lower stop ring.

Clamping: When the drill pipe is lowered to the circumference of the centralizer, the centralizer spring provides support to keep the drill pipe straight.

Drilling: The centralizer continues to provide support and prevents the drill pipe from bending and deflecting.

Take out: Remove the top wire of the upper and lower stop ring and remove the drill pipe centralizer.


Improved accuracy and efficiency: The drill pipe centralizer keeps the drill pipe straight, ensuring the accuracy of the bit position and direction, and improving the efficiency of drilling operations.

Extended service life: Reducing the bending and deflection of the drill pipe helps to extend the service life of the drill pipe.

Environmental health: small impact on the environment, in line with environmental requirements.

Starting and restoring force meets API 10D standards.

Scope of application

API single piece casing centralizer performs satisfactorily in open hole as well as cased hole.
These high quality product,developed to meet and exceed API 10D specifications for use in highly demanding downhole conditions.

Suitable for drilling operations in various types of rock formations and geological conditions.

Especially suitable for deep Wells, horizontal Wells, directional Wells and other complex drilling operations.

The single piece centralizers are one piece construction in special high strength steel which imparts excellent hardness and spring action ensuring an unmatched ability to come back to its original shape after undergoing rigorous stress loads conditions.

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