Western Drilling Downhole Operation Company’s New Fracturing Technology Accurately Revamped and Increased Production

China Petroleum Network News :On May 8, Western Drilling Downhole Operation Company successfully completed the coiled tubing double seal single card drag fracturing integrated general contracting service in MHHW16077 well. The successful implementation of this well shows the good prospect of coiled tubing double-seal and single-clamp drag fracturing technology, which broadens the path for improving oil recovery of old wells in old areas, and is another powerful tool for increasing reserves and production in Xinjiang Oilfield. As of May 14, well MHHW16077 has been in production for 7 days, with the highest daily oil production reaching 7.18 tons.

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MHHW16077 Well was in a low-yield and low-efficiency production state before the reconstruction, and it was urgent to increase production by fracturing. However, the conventional fracturing technology cannot meet the technical requirements for precise and rapid stimulation of the drilled well section. In response to this problem, the downhole operation company carried out sufficient research and repeated demonstrations, and implemented the coiled tubing double-seal single-clamp dragging fracturing process in MHHW16077 well.

In order to quickly promote the production stimulation technology of coiled tubing with double sealing and single card in Xinjiang Oilfield, Western Drilling Company established a technical research team. The company independently researches and develops a complete set of tools with double seals and single cards, and the main performance such as the sealing distance and the number of sealing times has reached the international advanced level; and the Party A’s Xinjiang Oilfield Oil Production Plant No. 2 has in-depth exploration of technical details. Based on the principle of "fine stratum selection, classification management, and gradual advancement", adhering to the core concept of "benefit selection and pressure + precise transformation", we will jointly complete the geological engineering integrated transformation plan.

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