The Bow Spring Centralizer has been reintroduced for onshore vertical, horizontal or deviated wells

The one-piece bow spring casing centralizer has just made a comeback, making it the first choice for onshore vertical, horizontal or deviated wells. This revolutionary centralizer is engineered to provide unrivaled performance in the harsh casing operating environment.

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One of the outstanding features of bow spring centralizers is their sturdiness. It is capable of withstanding the harshest conditions encountered during bushing installation. Its durable construction ensures it can withstand extreme pressures and a robust well design, making it ideal for challenging onshore applications.

Despite  the length of the bow spring centralizer is shorter, it also obtains greater restoring force. It maintains a high level of power, ensuring effective distance retention while casing. This capability is critical to ensuring optimal cementing operations and well integrity.

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Unlike the traditional centralizer, which consists of multiple components, the OBU is a solid unit. This seamless design eliminates the risk of failure caused by component separation and ensures wellbore reliability.

In order to further improve the performance of the OBU centralizer, a proprietary heat treatment process is used. This process gives the centralizer the perfect balance of bow flexibility and strength. The bow can withstand bending during casing installation while maintaining its original shape and function. This ensures that the centralizer provides consistent clearance throughout casing operation.

The OBU one-piece bow spring casing centralizer is truly a game changer for the oil and gas industry. Its robustness, high resilience and overall construction make it a reliable and effective choice for onshore vertical, horizontal and inclined Wells. Its ability to withstand harsh casing environments ensures successful cementing operations and improves well integrity and service life.


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Post time: Aug-27-2023