Beishi Top Drive adds power to the 10,000-meter drilling rig

According to China Petroleum Network, on May 30, well Shendi Tako 1 started drilling with a whistle. The well was drilled by the world's first 12,000-meter ultra-deep automatic drilling rig independently developed by my country. The drilling rig is equipped with the latest DQ120BSD top drive independently developed by Beishi Company.

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In order to ensure the progress of research and development, more than 20 members of the Beishi top drive team worked together, and started the two-month "ultra-deep well top drive battle". Mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and other project teams cooperated closely to promote the modular development of ultra-deep well top drives. The research and development team communicated closely with each 10,000-meter drilling rig manufacturing unit, reversed the construction period, and fought on the wall, and completed more than 100 pages of hydraulic drawings, more than 200 pages of electrical drawings, and more than 300 pages of parts drawings, and completed the "big system" supporting the top drive of ultra-deep wells Hundreds of control strategies are analyzed.

In mid-April, the first DQ120BSD top drive was successfully rolled off the production line in Beishi workshop as scheduled. The top drive has significantly improved in terms of light weight, automation, and localization: it adopts advanced PLC to carry out comprehensive intelligent control of the system; it adopts AC variable frequency drive technology to precisely control torque and speed; Strong interference ability; the electrical system adopts industrial control computer, which can grasp the system operation status at any time; the structure of the reduction box, pipe processing device and guide rail is optimized, and the overall integration level and applicability are significantly improved; the torsion drag reduction system and soft torque control system are integrated etc., which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of on-site operators.

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