The development of my country’s hydrogen energy industry ushers in an important window period

"In the global energy system, hydrogen energy is playing an increasingly important role." Wan Gang, chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology, pointed out at the opening ceremony of the 2023 World Hydrogen Energy Technology Conference held recently that under the vision of carbon neutrality, green, low-energy Carbon and sustainable development have become a global consensus, and the direction of energy transformation represented by decarbonization and hydrogenation and the path of technological change have become clearer.

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Wan Gang pointed out that the hydrogen energy industry is ushering in an important window period. The industry must firmly grasp the important opportunities of the energy revolution, form a joint force to deal with global climate change, accelerate the research and industrialization of hydrogen energy and fuel cell core technologies, and explore an industry that can the path and model of sustainable and high-quality development will make due contributions to the realization of the global carbon neutral goal.

It is also particularly critical to promote the international development of the hydrogen energy industry through open cooperation. Wan Gang said that we should adhere to the development concept of innovation-driven and standard-led, further strengthen open cooperation in the field of hydrogen energy and fuel cells, and rely on international organization exchanges and international cooperation platforms to promote international cooperation covering the entire industrial chain of hydrogen energy and fuel cells.

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Cao Yang, global vice president of Baker Hughes and president of China, believes that the hydrogen energy industry is currently facing both soft and hard challenges.  "In terms of soft challenges, hydrogen energy is a cross-industry and cross-regional comprehensive industry that requires partnerships from all walks of life. There are no shortcuts in terms of hard challenges. Hydrogen production, storage and transportation, and the entire industry chain There are urgent problems to be solved in end use, and only by relying on continuous technological innovation can the entire chain be opened up. In this process, the only correct choice is industry collaboration and coordinated development.”

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