“Persisting in Development and Working Together to Achieve Excellence” Team building activities in June 2023

On June 10, 2023, our Shaanxi Unite team of 61 people, accompanied by the summer sun and gentle breeze, followed the tour guide with great excitement, and arrived at Qinling Taiping National Forest Park to appreciate the unique geology The landform landscape, the mountains in the scenic area are verdant, the streams are vertical and horizontal, the forest is dense, and the scenery is beautiful. It is a refreshing natural leisure resort.

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Qinling Suzaku Taiping Scenic Spot is an ecological scenic spot based on natural mountains and rivers, with forest scenery as the main body. The scenic spot is located in Taiping Valley, Huxian County, Xi'an City, in the middle mountain area at the northern foot of Qinling Mountains, 44 kilometers away from Xi'an and 66 kilometers away from Xianyang. Has been rated as: World Geopark, National AAAA Scenic Spot, National Forest Park. Taiping Valley is named after the Taiping Palace built here by the royal family of the Sui Dynasty. It is also the place where the kings of Tang spend their summers. Rainbow Waterfall has a maximum drop of more than 160 meters, the water flows straight down the sky, and the valley is filled with water mist within tens of meters, and colorful rainbows can be seen in the sun. The waterfalls and pools in the scenic area have their own characteristics, are ingenious and shocking, and are well-known far and wide, known as "the natural scenery of the Great Qinling Mountains".

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This team building activity not only deepened mutual understanding, but also exercised physical and mental quality, so that the members of the team deeply realized that only by constantly pursuing development and advancing hand in hand can we truly achieve success. We look forward to the next event being more exciting.

Post time: Jun-13-2023