OTC Offshore Technology Conference 2023

UMC at the  Offshore Technology Conference 2023 in Houston

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The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) has always been a premier event for energy professionals around the world. It is a platform where experts in the fields of offshore resources exploration and production, environmental protection, technology and other fields gather together to discuss the latest developments in the industry. The conference is a venue for the exchange of ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge in offshore resource and environmental matters.

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In 2023, the Offshore Technology Conference will bring together some of the brightest minds in the industry, as well as representatives from government and environmental organizations. The theme of the conference is "OTC: Convergence of Energy Production and Environmental Protection".

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This theme shows that the world is becoming more aware of the environmental impact of energy production. There is a growing need for sustainable practices that take into account environmental concerns and minimize the negative impact that energy production can have on the planet.

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The conference will cover a wide range of topics, including technological innovations for offshore exploration and production, environmental protection initiatives, and strategies for the transition to renewable energy. Participants will also explore the challenges and opportunities in the field and discuss ways to enhance collaboration and cooperation among stakeholders.

Our Shaanxi United Mechanical Co., Ltd ( UMC ) is a great honor to attend this meeting.The president of Mr.ZhangJun Qing with the team did a good works of presenting the product at the exhibition . The products such as ESP Cable Protectors and Bow Spring Centralizers and Hinged Bow Spring Centralizers and stop collars used for the centralizer,etc .These products provide cementing capabilities to the oil drilling industry . We discussed the latest technological advances and developments for a sustainable future with outstanding partners in the oil drilling industry.

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