Mid Joint protectors are designed and manufactured to meet to the customers demand to hold the control lines or cables into or out of well-bores.

Mid joint protectors are an important part of the oil and gas industry and are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of customers to safely secure control lines or cables in and out of wellbores. These protectors play a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of a variety of applications including ESP cables, underground safety valve control lines, chemical injection lines, permanent instrumentation, smart wells and fiber optics.

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When it comes to choosing the right protector, the ESP Cable Protector - Mid Splice proves to be the ideal choice. Designed for tubing diameters from 2-3/8" OD to 13-3/8" OD, this protector fits a variety of well configurations. Its versatility makes it the first choice among industry professionals.

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One of the significant advantages of the ESP Cable Protector - Mid-Joint is its independent channels for flat, round or square cables and control wires in one cross-coupled protector. This feature ensures that each cable or control line is isolated, preventing any interference or damage that may occur during well operations. This design is also easy to install and maintain, as all wiring can be easily accessed and individually serviced.

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The materials used in the protector's construction are crucial as it determines the durability and reliability of the product. Mid-Joint ESP Cable Protector  are available in different materials such as cast steel, stainless steel and duplex stainless steel. These materials offer excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring the protection of cables and control lines in harsh and demanding environments.

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Additionally, the Mid-Joint ESP Cable Protector is a one-piece assembly with no loose fittings. This feature eliminates the risk of any parts being lost or damaged during installation or operation. The protector's rugged construction ensures its longevity and reliability, giving operators peace of mind and minimizing downtime.

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In summary, the Mid-Joint ESP Cable Protector is an efficient and reliable solution for securing and protecting control lines or cables in well bores. Its versatility of application, independent channels for different cables and control lines, choice of materials and one-piece assembly make it the first choice for the oil and gas industry. Choose Mid-Joint ESP Cable Protector  for optimal performance and maximum protection for your well operations.

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